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Owner at Angeluitive

We make downloadable guided meditation audios for every moment, phase or occasion in your life.
We’re happy to grow with you, and be there when you need us. We, are Angeluitive.

THE WAY I SEE IT IS THAT POSITIVE CHANGE ENTAILS LOVE, always. Change is possible, every minute, every day. It is within us, and the way we look at our world. Every moment.’

Linda is a certified Soul purpose coach in The Netherlands, guiding people to make transitions in their life that lead to greater bliss. After years of experience with the local radio station as a newsreader, she wanted to make something more out of voice recordings. This led to the forming of Angeluitive.

That one moment when lightning strikes, that is the time to make decisions. Those emotions that sparkle fire, have a message for us to act. Strong choices lead to strong people, lasting relationships and deeds that matter!

What would it change in the world if all of us would act out of a place of courage and destination?

What would you do with your life, if you believed you can do anything? What kind of relationships would you engage in, once you are connected with yourself? Who would you choose as life partner, when you truly know yourself?
Would you live happier and healthier?

Happy people are connected with themselves. Period. Happy people are grounded people. Happy people move through life consciously, and create a better world simply by being in it.

Together we can make this world a better place.
Join today and stay awhile. Hope you enjoy your visit!

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