Christmas meditation 2020

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What would suit better the jolly season of Joy to the World? Some more heart activation, perhaps.

This warm and much appreciated Christmas guided meditation audio brings you back in contact with your deeper feelings and emotions right away. It is accompanied by meditative reading, supporting the practices with depth and fortitude, remembering that at the core of our beings we are beings of Light!

This Christmas meditation wil trigger reflections over the last year ánd the next, right from the first sentence. It will provide you with insights about yourself deeper than you’ve ever had before. All in order for you to reach break-through, ending cycles and internal processes to start a new one for the New Year, something better with a whole improved you.

You will be much more aligned with your true desires and natural abilities to become who you always wanted to be. Contains lots of encouraging statements and truths of the Universe, pointing you in the right direction, covering all areas in your life, such as relationships and friendship, family and even career chances or entrepeneurship.

Brings positivity and Light in the darkest of days, whether you are a big fan of Christmas celebration- or shunting it. Whether you are happily married or single, this will provide you with a new view to look at life. We garantee practices that carry on this Christmas, and long after!

One thing is sure, your life will never be quite the same after this particular Christmas.

7 reviews for Christmas meditation 2020

  1. Richard

    Absolutely beautiful! So calming and full of wisdom and light! I would highly recommend this for anyone anytime of the year! The music, visualisation – everything! Thank you!

  2. Mariska

    Positivity and Light in the darkest day is something we need now.
    It’s a difficult world at the moment so give yourself this meditation for some light in your life

  3. Anne Maartje

    Wow, Linda has made a wonderful Christmas audio! Her lovely voice takes you to our final Destination.
    This Christmas meditation contains an important and beautiful message:
    We must follow the Star to Bethlehem in our journey of life.
    There we’ll find the meaning of our existence.
    Keep it up Linda!

  4. Bex

    The perfect antidote to the crazy world that we live in at the moment. I always find the Christmas period stressful anyway so this is helped me to find some headspace in order to approach things from a calmer perspective

  5. Willinde Reijne

    Warm and open audio for thoses who need light in the dark days.

  6. Mr Butler

    Heartwarming, thoughtful and very relaxing. This guided meditation is perfect for the enrichment of your emotional well being and nourishment for the soul. Linda has a beautiful delivery and angelic voice which perfectly lends itself to taking you on a journey from the stresses and strains of your day to day world into a blissfully peaceful meditative state, soothing your subconscious. I would Highly recommend this wonderful guided meditation.

  7. Agnes336

    This meditation has helped me put things in perspective in my life, and gave me a good think. The voice was really soothing and gave me the courage to do so.
    I find it encouraging to know that the download is there, knowing that whenever unease comes up, I can listen to it again…
    Thank you so much, Angeluitive, for pointing me towards Light when I see so little of it, while there is plenty… Namasté!

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