Twin Flame Healing meditation

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Twin Flame Healing

‘If you have ever wondered why others are happy in Love, while you are still waiting to get there, and what they’ve been doing different and you’re doing wrong, then this Meditation Audio will answer all your questions.’ Jazz, California

Calling in your Twin flame. Dissolve past hurt and trauma to clear your connection. Deep cellular healing. (Re)activating your connection. Updating your belief system and convictions. Shifting your vibration in receiving mode to draw in your Twin flame. Protecting you as a couple (even if your Twin flame is currently with someone else). Restore your heart-and-soul-connection.
Along with special reminders of why you’re meant to be together, and how amazing this Twin flame journey truely is!

This meditation will change your course of love eternally.
I felt lighter right away, inspired and full of Positivity. Changing my attitude towards love has given me the full experience of Love, and shown me THE ONE…! Thank you, thank you, thank you‘ Heather, Wisconsin

4 reviews for Twin Flame Healing meditation

  1. Chloe

    I loved the second meditation… Absolutely loved it! Touched my heart and soul.

    The first audio contains a looot of useful information.

  2. Daisy

    The second meditation is SO superpowerful! Kept sitting with my eyes closed after the music ended and did not want this meditation to end…. WOW!!!
    So strong and effective. Thank you for making me feel and believe again what is possible….❤️

  3. Katinka

    Cleverly put together self-help meditation!
    PLEASE do this for yourself in the first place to HEAL and RESOLVE your own inner issues first. I feel so much better already…
    I haven’t found love yet, but I know I will get there! I’ve learned that I can use ALL of my experiences in love and use that to heal my inner wounds. Right now that means so much more to me…
    Thank you Angeluitive, for making me see my self-worth again and not repeat that mistake over and over again! I believe again that there is a great guy outthere for me… thank you so much for restoring my faith and positivity!

  4. Dawn

    Lovely meditation!
    I had never heard of a Twin Flame before, and found this information very useful. I am very capable of working with the meditation. And now I can’t stop! I want to learn more, practice more and invite in more LOVE…
    Thank you so much for bringing this into my life!! Forever truely grateful…

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