Wounds on the Soul: Healing meditation


This meditation takes you right from the very basics of healing meditation to the depths of your very own Soul. In only six minutes you will know the practices you need. To help you navigate, day by day, through the landscape of hidden wounds and trauma, and break through to the lightness behind subconscious programming.

Let this meditation audio caress you, and restore in a reassuring way beyong Healing and Understanding. Sometimes all we need is a little push…

Consider this meditation audio the foundation for all others. Wounds on the Soul is bringing you back in touch with your ability to heal all the parts that have been bruised, broken and damaged in an uplifting manner!

No conversation is as personal as the one with yourself. Can you find the courage in your Heart to catch up? Are you ready to listen to voices you have been neglecting before out of fear?
I’ll stand by you and guide you during this 3-part meditation to take you right from the start up to the next level.

Close your eyes… and Begin.


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